Chapter 5: ...continued


The focus in this chapter has been on you – your need to consolidate and develop your learning if you are to get the full benefit of the time and effort that you have put into studying this guidebook - plus your need to make sure that you do not neglect your own needs. The main learning points for you to hold on to are:
Learning will fade quickly unless you consolidate it – that is, you think about it further and put it into practice.
It is also important to keep building on learning – there is always more we can do to make sure that we are offering the best service possible.
Your own needs are also important. It is essential to get the balance right whereby you are not only caring for others, but also caring for yourself.

Pause for thought

What strikes you as most significant from the chapter you have just completed?
Is there anything that has surprised you? If so, in what way?
Is there anything that puzzles you or that you would like to know more about?
How might what you have learned help you in your role?

Taking your learning forward

There is a free Learning to Learn course available from the Avenue Learning Centre. This has been developed as part of an online learning community. It is the equivalent of a full day’s training, but can be completed flexibly to suit your own pace.

Finally, you can use this quiz to make sure you're ready to move on from this Chapter.

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