Pulling it all together

This guidebook has provided you with some foundations to build on, and we hope it has also served to boost your confidence and make you feel more comfortable in making the best of the important role you play. We hope that in reading, watching and listening to all of the materials we've gathered for you here, you will take away these key messages:

  • Personal assistants play an important role in social care in enabling many people to enjoy a degree of independence that would otherwise not be possible. 
  • The greater your foundation of knowledge, skills and values, the better equipped you will be to play that role as effectively as possible.

But please don’t think that it is all finished now.

This guidebook is just the beginning of your learning journey. It is important that you carry on learning throughout your career. Any job that involves working with people is likely to be complex, with there always being something new to learn, and being a personal assistant is no exception. So, please do come back to this guidebook from time to time as a refresher. Please do take any other opportunities for learning that come your way and please do make use of the Guide to further learning.
Please remember, if you feel that you want or need more training on any aspect of your role you should discuss with your employer, who should then arrange the appropriate training that you require. You can also discuss your learning and development needs with a Union Learning Representative if you are a member of a trade union such as UNISON. 

Well done, you made it right to the end... here's some fireworks to celebrate

The team behind developing this guidebook wish you well in seeking to be the best personal assistant you can be, providing the best level of support and gaining the highest level of job satisfaction.
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